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NOTE: If you have taken the physical Swoove Fitness course with Esther Featherstone you will need to be manually enrolled on this eLearning course by Pete Cogle. If you have been manually enrolled then you can ignore this message and click on the BUY THIS COURSE button. If not, please email pete.cogle@gmail.com for assistance.

Swoove IgniteCourse designed for students wishing to become Swoove Ignite Instructors.

Course involves video and written coursework, a written examination and a submission of an instruction video by the student.

On passing the course the graduate will receive a Swoove Ignite Instructor Certificate and an opportunity to join the Swoove Franchise.

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    • Swoove Ignite Introduction
    • Swoove Ignite Written Examination
    • Swoove Ignite Video Lesson 1
    • Swoove Ignite Video Lesson 2
    • Swoove Ignite Video Lesson 3
    • Send Your Swoove Ignite Examination Video
    • Protected: After receiving Swoove Ignite video feedback

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