5 students

Course designed for students wishing to become Swoove Life Instructors.

Course involves video and written coursework, a written examination and a submission of an instruction video by the student.

Students may enrol in this course without passing the Swoove Fitness course as a prerequisite.  Passing Swoove Fitness is a requirement of all other Swoove classes.

As part of the assessment we will decide whether you are qualified enough to teach the class immediately, of whether completing the Swoove Fitness course is essential.

On passing the course the graduate will receive a Swoove Life Instructor Certificate and an opportunity to join the Swoove Franchise.


Creator of the Swoove franchise. Instructor, World Record Holder, Bella (from The Tweenies), Charity Fundraiser, Wife and Mother.

You can contact Esther at info@swoovefitness.com